12 July 2013

My First Tattoo!!!

I am officially proud to say that I finally crossed something on my Singles bucket list!! 
Ok, to be honest I haven't checked it in forever so I do not really remember what is on this said list, but I do know that getting a tattoo was one of them, and BAMN! I did that. I am so proud of myself. I stopped being such a big baby, put my big girl panties on and went and got my first tattoo! 

I got a Cross. I wanted to get a cross for a while now, but I had changed my mind of where exactly I wanted it to go. For a good week I was dead set on it being on my wrist, but then I did some tattoo research and really liked how a cross would look on your upper back. 

My best friend Amanda, got a tattoo also! She got an anchor. It is truly such a cute tattoo.  She already has 3 other previous tattoos, so this one is now her fourth. It's so special to us though because we went & we did them together! They're not matching, but the fact that she was there for my first one means a lot! 

The tattoo I really wanted to get is an actual Koi. I wanted to get it on my lower right back more towards the ribs, but I wanted a smaller tattoo first to see how it felt. 
& to my surprise It didn't hurt all that bad. As weird and creepy as this sounds, I kind of liked the pain. It's true what they say, once you get one, you're going to go back for more. I'm already itching for the second one!!!! 

Best Friends who get tatted together stay together ♥ Love you Baby!

Happy Friday everyone ♥

Ohhh, Dear Friday, Thank you for coming so soon! // Dear boys who never write back to my texts, wtf?! // Dear Amanda, Thank you for coming with me & getting tats together! // Dear Alicia from This is the Sweeet Life, I am so happy that we finally came in contact again. I missed you so much! // Dear anything else I missed out, Love you (:

02 July 2013

Instagram Update ♥

My life has been a combustion of crazy lately. Totally in a good way though. I'm super happy & things can not be any greater. This leads me to my excuses of my disappearances! I am always so busy going out and drinking having fun that I never have any time to update you on what I am actually doing! You can keep updated by following me on Instagram (: @TheYesiDiaries ♥
Anyways, let me just share some of the fun things I have been up to! 

Went to Disney with my sisters ♥

Took lots of selfie shots! -.-

Celebrated my best friends 21st Birthday ♥

Got Shin Splints ):

Went to a new bar in town called Shots, where literally all they have are shots!!! amazingggg.

Bought a Bike ♥

 Had drunk Twister night with my girls ♥

Went to a night Club and got to see Bird Man ♥.♥

Went trail riding at 1:00 in the Morning ((:

I have done so many other things, but I will save them for later.
Don't want to give you an over load!

Ohh & before I forget, I am still taking Co-hosts for the giveaway! It is completely free. If you are interested please email me before Friday, July 5.

Have an amazing week everyone ♥