27 June 2013


Lately, I have really been getting into running, really into it. It's gotten to the point where if I don't run that day.. Well, I'm not a happy runner. I use to hate running. To be honest the only reason I ever ran before was because my ex loved it. So I guess something good did come out of that relationship. I got into fitness. Now don't get me wrong. I do not eat right and I hate the gym, but there is just something about running in the park, or down the street, or even on the treadmill at the gym, that just makes me happy. It's a huge stress reliever and a great way to lose weight. Which was one of the main reasons I started running in the first place. As surprising as this sounds to my own ears... I run for fun.
Right when I broke up with my ex I went on full depression mode and lost a bunch of weight. Not in a good way though. I had no appetite and it got to a point where I was never hungry. Yeah, I looked good but I was weak and sad and not at all in my normal state. Once I started moving on and getting happy again, that weight came right back on and then some. Not just sad people eat. I was partying, eating out everyday and drinking... That's where the left picture comes in. As embarrassing and gross as it is, I am so proud of what I accomplished not even two weeks later. Eleven pounds lighter and look at the difference. All I did was run everyday. No lie. I did not stop my eating habits, nor did I drop my drinking ones. I just ran. One mile a day, 30 minutes a day, .5 miles a day. It didn't and doesn't matter. I just ran.
If you follow me on instagram, you would know how obsessed I am with running. If you don't follow me on instagram, you is cray cray because I am hot (; Justkiddinggg. But no seriously, follow me on instagram and let me know your IG name so I can follow back. I love following bloggers on IG. Such a much simpler way to stalk them!! Follow me @TheYesiDiaries. Anyways, if you did follow me on IG you would have seen these pictures...

Yuhp. I love running. Happy Thursday Ya'll ♥

25 June 2013

Weekend Update & BIG NEWS!!!

This weekend was a crazy one. My friends and I have been non stop busy & going out since last Tuesday & I must admit I am having a blast. So rather than blabbing on about how much fun I've been having, I'm just going to get straight to the point and share pictures (:

Friday, we went to the Round Up. It's a Country bar a little up north. I've been there before and I always have a blast. My friend Rey acting like he's bored, but we all had so much fun!

Saturday, we went to South Beach and I took my roller blades. This is great exercise plus so much fun! If you are ever in Miami, you should definitely try it. My friends also took their bikes and their long boards!

On Sunday, we took out my friends Jet Skis. Nothing like spending the day at the beach, especially since its been above 90 degrees these last couple of days!!
I had so much fun this weekend!

Ohh Now onto the big news! The beginning of July will mark my one year anniversary of blogging & I wanted to do a giveaway! This giveaway will be free if you guys want to help me co-host. You don't have to include anything in the giveaway, but if you would like it would be awesome. Either way, if you are or would be interested email me at...
I will be looking forward to hearing from you! 
Happy Tuesday everyone ♥

23 June 2013


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    21 June 2013


    Miami Heat ♥
    Back to Back Champions!!

    For those of you who are Haters not heat fans... I have nothing to say to you except

    "I ain't got NO worries" - King James

    What a game! I give my full respect to The Spurs! Definitely a classy team. No two other teams would have been more deserving of this oppertunity!
    Now with that being said... (excuse me language)
    Two in a row baby ♥

    & last but not least My baby, Bird Man! Uhmm just that he's sexy (;
    Happy weekend everyone! 
    Down here in Miami, well.. We've been partying since we won & it's not going to stop! 

    19 June 2013

    Different Hair Colors through the years...

    Happy Thursdays Everyone! I am so excited to be co-hosting yet again
    with these beautiful ladies! I hope you all can link up too!
    Happy almost weekend ♥

    Here's how it works....
    1. Be our friends!

    The hosts
    Lauren @ The Lo Down

    2. Write a post about your past: 
    anything... really... we don't care!
    (this could be anything from last weeks girl's night out to prom 2004)

    3. Grab our button or link back to us!
    *be sure to hop around and meet new friends*

    So My throwback Thursday is from about two or three years ago.
    Now I have changed my hair color over & over again & to be honest,
    I love them all. I have been blonde, brunette, black haired, and now I am a sort of red...
    Which one is your favorite!?
    Ohh & don't forget to link up your amazing Throwback Thursday photos!
    Only One more day till the weekend (:

    My natural hair color with some blonde Highlights.

    Bleach Blonde Anyone? I love this color! ♥

    Then I went back to brunette...

    Then I dyed my hair Black because I wanted to be a rebel...

    and now I am a red head(ishh) kind of lol. I really love this color on me as well...

    So, have you ever changed your hair color? Is your hair damaged from it? Let me know.
    I hope you guys link up! It's so much fun! Happy Thursday again everyone ♥

    16 June 2013

    Happy Fathers Day!

    Happy Fathers Day to my first love & to the only man that will ever have my whole heart!
    I love you so much Papi ♥