30 May 2013

Throwback Thursday Link Up!

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 Happy Thursday Everyone! I am so excited to be co hosting today with these lovely ladies ♥ So definitely go check them out! Today, I wanted to share with you some pretty adorable pics of my two sisters and I! Hope you enjoy & have a beautiful Thursday (:

Happy Throwback Thursday pretties ♥

20 May 2013

Beach Dayy

This weekend was a lot of fun. Lots of drinking, Family, & Friends. Saturday, I went to the beach with family. It was the first time that we had all come together. It was really fun. I also learned that I am no good at modeling or playing football, but I'll let the pictures prove it. 
I hope you all had an amazing weekend

17 May 2013

Friday Letters

Happy Fridayyy! Dear Single life, you are taking a toll on me. I am so tired. Going out 5 days out of the week isn't as easy as I thought it would be -.- // Dear new boy, you're cute (; // Dear Cruise, only 126 days till a nice long weekend vacation! // Dear Work, I hateee your customers. // Dear Blog brain, I need new blog ideas. Helppp. I'm going on a blank here. // Dear Movies, I haven't gone to you in so long. I feel like I am loosing a part of me. // Dear Positive life, You are working out so well for me. // Dear MacBook Pro laptop that I have been wanting forever, I have been wanting you forever. // Dear eyes, stop being so heavy and closing on me. Thank youuu. // Dear anything else I left out, I hope you have an amazing weekend ♥


15 May 2013

Luke Bryan is so Pinteresting!!!

Happy Hump Day ladies!

What better way to celebrate this day, then with sexy Luke Bryan ♥

14 May 2013

That time I got a call back...

About a month ago, I was watching the show The Real World.
This show is all out crazy and awesome and fun at the same time.
I just broke up with exmannn and I was feeling like I needed some thrill in my life...
So I applied.
I honestly don't remember what I wrote to them, 
but I told them my name, that I was short and had a super squeaky voice...
&& That my boobs were big. lmfao. 
Hey you need to get their attention somehow!
& I also sent them three pictures.
Well... Yesterday I got an email saying they would like an interview in person!
How crazy would it be if I actually got picked to be on the show.
I don't know if I would do it, but I'm going to the audition with my bestfriend.
I have nothing to lose & it would be a great experience.
So lets see what happens. I will keep ya'll posted.
Famous girl status anyone?? (;

08 May 2013

Kiss me, It's my 22 Birthday!

A year ago, if you would've asked me my birthday wishes... 
I would've given you completely different answers than the one I am wishing for today.
 I am so excited about that! I don't feel any different other than I am happy.
Super duper happy & I have all my friends & family to thank for that.
I don't wish for presents, & I don't wish for Wealth.
I wish that I stay this happy forever.
I am only Twenty-two! I have my whole life ahead of me..
& I am so freaking exciteddddd ♥

Happy Birthday to me ♥

07 May 2013

Birfffdayyy Weekend!!

My birthday is tomorrow guys and I am soooo flippin' excited. 
I'm turning 22. I know, I know... I'm still a itty bitty baby! 
After your Twenty-first though, not much more big birthdays to celebrate, 
but I just love when it's my birthday. Honestly, who doesn't? 
Well this weekend I celebrated it. Cinco de drinko style. 
Ohh man did I have a blast. At least what I remember of it. 
Lets just say, tequila was my best friend this weekend (;
I was so tired yesterday from this past crazy weekend that I took it off from work.
I could barely get up in the morning. Hangoverrr status.
I have never had so much fun in any of my birthdays like the way I did this past weekend.
& Tomorrow for my actual birthday we're going to a local bar to watch 
The Heat game & then it's ladies night... uhm $1.00 drinks anyone?!
Ever heard of Moose Juice? Killer drink. Literally, puts you on the floor. woohoo!
So more birthday festivities to come! Yaaay.
& Now on with some of the pictures.
Please don't judge me (;

Can't wait till tomorrow! Happy Birthday to me ♥

03 May 2013

Friday Letters...

Happy Friday everyone, I am so excited to be doing these again. This was honestly one of my favorite parts of the week! Dear Birthday in 5 days, yaaaay! // Dear Friday, Thank you for finally coming. Took you long enough -.- // Dear Dad, I'm sorry your dad passed away today. Yeah he's my grandpa, but I wasn't close with him at all. I am more sad for you. Love you papi.. Everything will be ok. // Dear people I hung out with yesterday, ohh man I had so much fun. Yuhp, I did drink 7 glasses of beer but sooo what. I needed it. // Dear everyone else, I hope you guys have an amazing weekend ♥


02 May 2013

It's Ok... My birthdays in 6 days!

Happy Thursday Everyoneee,

I've never done "It's ok Thursday" so I thought it would be fun, 
especially with all the super drama going on in my life right now lol...

It's ok... Life is a beautiful thing.

It's ok... Because On Wednesday, May 8th, It's my birthdayyy! 22 baby ♥

Its Ok... That I am stuck at work, because tomorrow is Friday and my party is Saturday!

It's ok... That I am hungry. I'm gonna look amazing in my bathing suit this weekend.

It's ok... That I lost all my friends to the exmannn. They deserve each other anyways, and we were obviously never real friends to begin with.
It's ok... That Duck Dynasty is over, At least we still have re runs! Season 4, where are you at?!

It's ok... because I am happy and My blog is amazing ♥

Its Ok Thursdays

01 May 2013

Single Bucket List ♥

Happy Hump Day Ladiesss (;

I was looking through my 21 in 21 list that I made a little under a year ago on my old blog, and lets just say... obsessed much?! wtf was I thinking. I was so defined by my past relationship, it's ridiculous. Scary even. I don't know why I ever let myself get that wrapped up. eww. So I came up with a new way to help me break out of my shell and enjoy this newly single me. A singles bucket list! Basically a bucket list, just without the me "dying part". I want to eventually add more to this list as well as scratch off everything... at least by the end of this year. These are things that I have been wanting to do so baddd, but I've either been to scared or to occupied with my ex that I just didn't do it. Now, that I have all the time in the world, and I am feeling like such a bad ass, I'm doing them. Plus, I've been a bit bored lately and I need some new thrills in my life!

Single Bucket List ♥
○ Finally get my Koi tattoo (happening within the next 2 weeks! Promiseee!)
○ Go Skydiving
○ Try Scuba Diving and possibly get my licence
○ Go to a Male Strip Club (;
○ Become an amazing Chef
○ Go on a charter boat
○ Take a weekend trip by myself ... or with a stranger (; Kiddinggg.
Run a 5K marathon!
○ ???????
○ ???????

Those are the only things I can come up with. Please help me build my bucket list. If you have any good ideas send them my way (: If you have ever been through a break up, what did you do for some fun and excitement?