02 July 2013

Instagram Update ♥

My life has been a combustion of crazy lately. Totally in a good way though. I'm super happy & things can not be any greater. This leads me to my excuses of my disappearances! I am always so busy going out and drinking having fun that I never have any time to update you on what I am actually doing! You can keep updated by following me on Instagram (: @TheYesiDiaries ♥
Anyways, let me just share some of the fun things I have been up to! 

Went to Disney with my sisters ♥

Took lots of selfie shots! -.-

Celebrated my best friends 21st Birthday ♥

Got Shin Splints ):

Went to a new bar in town called Shots, where literally all they have are shots!!! amazingggg.

Bought a Bike ♥

 Had drunk Twister night with my girls ♥

Went to a night Club and got to see Bird Man ♥.♥

Went trail riding at 1:00 in the Morning ((:

I have done so many other things, but I will save them for later.
Don't want to give you an over load!

Ohh & before I forget, I am still taking Co-hosts for the giveaway! It is completely free. If you are interested please email me before Friday, July 5.

Have an amazing week everyone ♥

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  1. You seriously have been having a great time!! i bar called shots sounds amazing and you and your sisters are gorgeous!!!


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