11 November 2015

Carnival Victory Day One.

I am so sad!! So sad that my vacation is over. So sad that, it went by so quick. So sad that I am back at work. Just overall Sad that I am not vacationing anymore. I should've just stayed hidden and kept cruising sneakily. No one would have noticed that I never got off the ship. Wishful thinking anyways. If you haven't seen the post on the whole cruise recap, click here.
The first day aboard the cruise was mostly just boarding the ship and setting sail. Boarding the cruise was probably the longest process of the whole vacation. We got to the port around 12:30 and didn't board until about 1:45. The check in took the longest. After waiting in line for what seemed like hours, we finally boarded the ship it was smooth sailing from then on (literally).

Chaz and my sisters boyfriend Leo have never been cruising so it was pretty cool that my sister and I got to share that first time experience with them. Our cabin (room) was on the first floor. Room 1219. I thought our room was going to be in a bad spot, but I actually prefer it from other rooms in previous cruises I've been to. I thought since we were towards the front of the ship, we would hear the engines the loudest. I also thought that since we were so far below the top deck (Deck 9) that it would take us forever and a day just to make it to the top. When in fact I was wrong about all those things. I rarely heard the engines at all throughout the vacation, the fact that we were so low compared to the other decks we always got the elevators first, and since we were so low we didn't feel the boat rocking as much as we would if we were on higher floors.
Carnival Victory Set Sail at 5 pm. It was absolutely beautiful because we had the Miami Sunset behind us and dark navy blue skies ahead. The minute we were on our way I bought my sister Kassandra and I our first Strawberry Daiquiri of the trip.  As the ship was leaving port we watched the sunset and enjoyed the beautiful view.

At night, we went to our scheduled dining. You have a few options when it comes to dining on a cruise. You can either schedule early (5 pm) dining or late (8 pm) dining. You can also forgo the scheduling and wait until everyone has been seated and once a spot opens up you will be seated. Or skip the fancy dining all together and stick the main buffets and pizza.  
We chose late dining. The food is always 10 times better (Salmon, Shrimp, Duck, **THE MOST AMAZING BREAD YOU WILL HAVE IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE**) plus it's just like a normal buffet where you can order as many plates as you want, except you don't have to get up once.
 After dinner we went exploring. The guys played a little Casino games, and we went to the comedy show. We also played Mini Golf at the tippy top of the cruise at like 2 am. It was really windy, so the balls kept going all over the place. The boys won, but in my head I won lol. Overall it was a fun first day.
Stay tuned for the next post! We hit Key West, FL
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  1. So much fun! I love love love cruising! Can't wait to hear more about your ports of call :)

    Green Fashionista

    1. Isn't it a blast!! We're already planning another one. We really didn't want it to end!

  2. I've only done Royal Caribbean cruises. Looks like a good time was had though.

    1. I love royal Caribbean just as much. I feel like Carnival is a bit more of a party cruise, but I'll take any cruise I can get! lol


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