22 August 2013

No Dude Action

The last couple weekends have been the same as always. PartyPartyParty, DrinkDrinkDrink, FunFunFun. After so many weekends of this it tends to get repetitive. Don't get me wrong I always have a blast and everynight is just as fun as the last, but there is just one little issue. Inevergethitonbyguys. At first I blamed it on the fact that most of my friends are guys so I'm always surrounded by them & I have come to the conclusion that this generation of "men" will not go up to a girl if they are surrounded by other dudes. Weird logic but absolutely true. Then I started to think it was me. (Maybe I'm to short, fat, not hot enough)... After I stopped drinking so much came to my senses , I knew that possibly couldn't be true, so I'm sticking back to it being the "surrounded by guy friends" theory. Anyways, point is that I am now at my loneliest point in my single hood & not a lot of guys are hunting down some of this good ol' action & it's starting to piss me offffff. In the end though, I always come to the conclusion that I definitely should stop forcing about it, caring about it so much, & just let it happen. Thus starting back at one -.-

Now don't get me wrong, there is that occasional brave loser who will come up to me and ask for my digits, or try to be Mr. Smooth guy... but that's just it. LOSERS. What ever happened to a nice, smart, non loser, good looking guy? Why they gotta be all Lsquared?! Ain't nobody got time for that.

Since I've been single there have been the on and off crushes & the "Hey, who is that?!" But none of them work out. It usually plays out like this, We start talking & they go back to their ex, We start talking & we stop talking, Finally meet him and he turns out to not even be of legal drinking age, or Finally breaks up with his girlfriend but isn't ready for anything. These may or may not be true stories...

In the end, I am content and I am happy with my life at this very moment. I believe that the choices and decisions I have made have led me to where I am exactly suppose to be. I don't need a man to define my purpose in life or anything like that. (I believe that is exactly the same thing a lonely single girl would say. Thank god I am not one of them. Right? -.- ) In all honesty, I really don't want a boyfriend right now. I don't believe I am ready for that type of commitment just yet. Plus I am having to much fun anyways... but a little dude action would be nice every now and then -.-

yuhp, I just went there.

16 August 2013

That time I skipped Work...

I know, I know… Yesenia what were you thinking. You naughty, bad girl. ( & yes I am imagining a super hot country boy tell me that). How can you lie and why would you skip work and possibly jeopardize getting fired. Well, relax. I wasn’t jeopardizing anything and I didn’t get fired. I am so beyond happy that I did it. Besides being away from your job outside in the beautiful sun, is so much better than being at your job stuck inside a gloomy stuffy grey old office. Am I right?! I thought so. I’ve wanted a day off for months. I just randomly decided that Wednesday was going to be that day.  I woke up at 7 am, called my boss and called in sick. Yay. The End. Just Kidding…
It was such a beautiful day outside. I wasn’t going to stay home and be a couch potato. I wanted to be productive. So I took my happy ass and my sister to be lazy productive at the beach. Usually when I go with my sisters we have an all out photo shoot, and that’s exactly what happened.

We were half way in the middle of this so called photo shoot when I got a text from my friend saying to pass by his job and go on his boat since we were close by. Did I mention this friend is a scuba diver instructor and I may have a teeny tiny crush on him. Just teeny.  Anyways, usually I’m not the type to just go and be impulsive, especially when it’s around a guy I think is cute… but he invited, he is cute, and we were going on a boat. 

Miami Skyline from the boat.
Once we got on the boat we rode out to a ship wreck miles out of Key Biscayne. What a sight to see. It was absolutely beautiful. Turns out that we weren’t just on the boat to watch other people scuba dive but we were going snorkeling. It was amazing.  We saw so many jelly fish. Apparently it’s jelly fish season. It was also really cool watching my friend in action and what he did at his job. He seems pretty fearless and that’s pretty cute haha. 

My friend at work..
I can’t believe I picked the perfect day to skip work. Who would have thought that I would have been snorkeling in blue water miles out of Miami instead of being stuck filing paperwork and dealing with customers? I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better day. I’m planning my next skip day very soon. 

Ohh & if you are ever in Miami and want to Scuba Dive or Snorkel, check out Aquatic Explorers! ♥

07 August 2013

Bonnie the American Bulldog

If you know me well, you would know that I have been wanting an American Bulldog for the last three years. Some of the main reasons that I haven't gotten one yet is because..

1) My mother doesn't want a big dog around the house. 
2) I haven't found a breeder well enough to trust. 
3) They are a bit pricey. 

But I have amazeball news! My uncle just bought an American bulldog puppy, and once he breeds her... I GET FIRST PICK OF THE LITTER! I am so flippin' excited! Sadly, she won't be breeding for another year or two, but this gives me more than enough time to 

1) Convince my mother or Move out into my own place. 
2) I already found the perfect breeder so this one doesn't count. 
3) Save more than enough money to purchase it and all the stuff I need. 

Wait till you see this puppy! Obsessed is not a proper word to use from how much I am in love with this dog and I just can not wait until I can get one to call my own!!!!!!!