17 February 2015

Where have I been this past year?

Finding myself.

Plain and simple. I also got really bored of blogging (thats why I stopped). After years and years (ok overexagerating a bit here) of not blogging or not having an outlet for my creative juices, I want back in. So much has happened this past year. Good, bad, extremely bad, and extremely good. After 2 years of being single, I finally found a man that I can see myself with for a long time, A dear friend past away from a tragic accident, My sisters became my bestfriends, My bestfriend had a baby, etc etc. I have so many stories and so many things I want and need to write about that it's about time I get back in the game. New blog name (COMING SOON), New blog concept, New everything.
Sooo, I hope you stick around and come along for the ride.


  1. Welcome back! It must feel good to get the creative juices flowing again :)

    1. Thank you! Yes It does. I can't wait to get this blog up and running again (: <3

  2. We seem to have quite a bit in common when it comes to recent life happenings. I'm new to this whole blogging community thing, but part of why I started blogging is because I need to get some of my stories regarding those life happenings out of my system. I'll keep checking back, I look forward to the awesomeness that your blog will become!

    xx Katie


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