07 August 2013

Bonnie the American Bulldog

If you know me well, you would know that I have been wanting an American Bulldog for the last three years. Some of the main reasons that I haven't gotten one yet is because..

1) My mother doesn't want a big dog around the house. 
2) I haven't found a breeder well enough to trust. 
3) They are a bit pricey. 

But I have amazeball news! My uncle just bought an American bulldog puppy, and once he breeds her... I GET FIRST PICK OF THE LITTER! I am so flippin' excited! Sadly, she won't be breeding for another year or two, but this gives me more than enough time to 

1) Convince my mother or Move out into my own place. 
2) I already found the perfect breeder so this one doesn't count. 
3) Save more than enough money to purchase it and all the stuff I need. 

Wait till you see this puppy! Obsessed is not a proper word to use from how much I am in love with this dog and I just can not wait until I can get one to call my own!!!!!!!


  1. This dog is adorable

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Thanks for your response!