14 January 2016

16 Blogging Goals for 2016.

I have been blogging on and off since 2012. That's almost four years of blogging on two different blogs, with five or six different names. I absolutely love blogging, but to be completely honest, I have never taken it 100% serious. I go months with being obsessed with it, then weeks with not giving it much thought. Not this year though. I want Twenty-Sixteen to be that year that I finally put focus and direction in my blog. I decided I would make a list of 16 goals that I want to accomplish with my blog this year and share them with you all.

1. Try harder when it comes to my blog.
I need to stop being so careless with it. Whenever I don't have anything to write about, I neglect it. I forget that it exists. I need to put more focus on my blog.

2. Quit using my iphone and start using my NEX-5R.
I bought a fancy shmancy camera almost 3 years ago specifically for the photos and photography on my blog. I've used it maybe 5 times and it's just collecting dust in my room. I'm so use to just using my phone at a moments notice, which is great, but not when you want your blog to be appealing.

3. Check and record my blogger stats.
I occasionally look to see how many page views I've gotten, or how many people have looked at my posts, but I have never jotted them down. I need to do this so I can see how much traffic actually goes through my blog, where it's coming from, what posts viewers like most. etc.

4. Take prettier pictures for my blog and other social media sites instead of half-assing them.
This falls into goal number 2. Since my iphone is so convenient, I don't take the time to actually perfect my photos. I need to take time in arranging, and editing to make all my pictures pretty looking.

5. Interact and comment more.
I comment every once in a while, but I should set a minimum number of comments to write a day. I just go from blog to blog reading posts and I barely interact. That doesn't mean that I am not enjoying your blog posts, I just like reading and trying to get to every post on my feed. I get so into them, that a lot of the times I forget to respond. oops.

6. Make some Blogging Money!!!
As inappropriate as it feels to say that, I want 2016 to be the year that I officially make some income from my blog. Like stated before, this baby is almost 3 years old. I have spent a pretty hefty amount on it, but I have not had the pleasure of receiving anything back. I want this year to change that.

7. Host my own Giveaway.
I've joined in on a giveaway fun, but I've never actually hosted my own. I would love to give someone the joy of winning free stuff! Who doesn't love free things?

8. Take a few Creative Courses.
I want to take classes on Photography to better my photo taking skills. I want to take a creative writing class, and also an actual blogging course. I would love to take some low-cost classes to improve my blog game & creative skills in general.

9. Buy a New MacBook Laptop.
This should honestly be at the top of my list. If I had a brand new laptop that wasn't a bagillion hours slow, and didn't give me trouble, I would edit photos more. I would blog more, and just overall be better at life.

10. Post better quality posts.
I need to write blog posts that are interesting and actually have meaning. I want to do less link ups and random nothing posts and actually write something that people will read.

11. Reach a certain Goal of Page views a month and increase my subscriber count.
Right now, I don't think I'm doing to bad. I get almost 2k views a month. I would like to increase the views to 5k+ by the end of 2016. As for the subscribers, I don't just mean on my blog. I mean on all my social media sites; Bloglovin', Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

12. Take more Blogging risks.
I want to write about things I normally wouldn't write about. I want to be more myself (which is completely dorky) than trying to conform my blogging into being something fake and that it's not. I want to push myself to be more creative and to be limitless.

13. Subscribe more and follow more bloggers.
I expect everyone to follow my blog, but don't give any love in return? Nope. Not anymore. How else am I going to interact more?

14. Start my dream planner shop, and begin selling stuff on my blog.
It's a long shot, but in 2015 all I dreamt about was opening a little sticker shop, and now I want to see that dream become a reality.

15. Do more DIY / Recipe Posts.
I have so many ideas and things I want to try, but I never do. I need to stop being so scared and just do it.

16. Always be in love with my blog and keep it a hobby.
I don't want to lose interest in this baby. EVER.


  1. These are some amazing goals for 2016. I know you're going to do great.

    1. Thanks so much babe ♥ & thank you for letting me sponsor. I've had so much traffic in this short amount of time thanks to you <3


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