13 January 2016

Kate Spade Wellesley Quinn Small; Red Bag Review ♥

I have recently been infatuated with everything Kate Spade. I give it all thanks to my beautiful Wellesley Planner. Once I got my planner, I wanted a purse to match. I have been very much over due with a new bag purchase so when I got my Christmas Bonus, I decided to splurge a bit and went straight on EBay. There are so many different varieties and colors of bags. I didn't want the same old boring black or neutral bags. When I saw it,  I was dead set on the Red Wellesley Quinn; small. So I BOUGHT IT.

It came in about 2 weeks ago and I have been using it ever since. I decided that I wouldn't be selfish and I'd share with you my thoughts on this beautiful bag.

First and foremost, the pictures do not do this bag justice. (I need a better blogging Camera). This bag is beautifully made. The first thing you notice is the bright gorgeous lacquer of Red! It is also very sturdy and strongly made. The feel of the leather is heavenly. The stitching is in white and gives the bag a classy look. The logo is the classic Kate Spade Logo and matches my planner to the T. It is precisely placed and the gold writing gives the bag an extra pop of pizzazz. The handles on the bag are also well built and strong and will outlast and outwit over use.

I have read many reviews, and they all say Kate Spade Bags last forever. The Kate Spade Wellesley Quinn bags come in a variety of colors, so if you're not interested in red you have the option of other color choices.

Bag Details!
11 1/2″ Wide x 9 1/2″ Height x 4 1/2″ Depth. Approx. 14″ handles with 7″ drop.
Open Top
3 Separate Pouches (Outside pouches are open & Middle Pouch is a divider with a Zipper)
2 Small Interior open Pockets
1 Interior Zipper Pocket
Made of Leather Specifically Boar skin
Removable and Adjustable Cross Body Strap
Hot Pink Interior (Kate Spade New York)

What I love about the bag?
Red is my favorite color.
The white stitching makes the bag look so elegant and classy.
I love that it is a box shape.
It is not a flimsy bag so the bag stays right side up on it's own.
Zippers through out the bag are smooth.
Perfect Size. It's not to big or to small.
Enough room without being bulky.
I can switch it from an arm bag to a cross body bag anytime.
The quality of the bag in amazing and the interior hot pink is a gorgeous color.
My Wellesley Planner matches the style and it fits perfectly in the bag. FAVORITE PART!

What I dislike about the bag?
The top of the bag is open. It's not a deal breaker for me, but if you are interested in purchasing this bag, please be aware. It is a bit annoying. As I was driving I had to hit the breaks and my bag lunged forward with everything that wasn't in any of the zipper pockets falling out.

Do I recommend it?
Absolutely. Other than the top being open, I love the bag. It's classy and elegant. It pairs well and adds an extra attractiveness to any outfit. The bag is gorgeous. At the time of the purchase, I ordered it on EBay for $160 with shipping and handling.

What's your favorite hand bag?


  1. What a pretty bag! This would be perfect for a Valentine's Day date outfit!!

    1. Yes! I am obsessed with the Red. It's my favorite color. You wouldn't think it would match with many different outfits but it does. You just gave me a blog post idea lol ♥ Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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