16 September 2015

Now you know too much about me.

I’ve seen this blog post a time or two floating around and I thought it’s about time for a little about me post. So I may or many not have stolen it from Robyn @ Living Colorfully.

Five things I'll be doing over the next week (even though we are halfway done with the week already. Weekend where you at?)
1. Tonight I am having a girls night with my friend Ody. We are going to Cowboys. It’s a country bar and they line dance and stuff. I am really excited!

2. Saturday, Chaz and I are going to one of his really close friends Baby shower. Matt and Ally! I am especially excited about this because I haven’t seen them in a while and they are truly fun to hang out with!
3. I still have to go buy Baby Dawson his baby shower present. (Shh don’t tell Ally)
4. I need to finish decorating this weeks Life Planner page. I have been procrastinating a bit on it.
5. I plan on getting pampered on Friday. I need to wax these hairy wolfman eyebrows and get my nails did. I need it.

Four things I need to purchase
1. Everything in Hobby Lobby. Everything.
2. A winning lots of money lottery ticket.
3. Ipsy glam bag. I don’t know why I stopped purchasing them in the first place.

4. A mermaids tail with a pet Sea Turtle.

Three shows I can't wait to come back into my life (this is honestly my favorite category of the whole questionnaire)
1. Hawaii Five-O. I literally watched all 5 seasons on Netflix and CBS online in less than 2 weeks just so I would be caught up and ready for Season 6 on September 25 @ 9pm.

2. Once Upon a Time. September 27 8pm. Hello. The greatest show on the face of this universe. I can’t wait to see how Evil Emma Swan is going to be. I know this season is going to be good.

3. Greys Anatomy. Season 12. September 24 8pm. Without McDreamy?! Why? But I am excited!

Two reasons I'm excited for fall
1. All the Halloween movies. Transylvania 2 anyone?
2. I live in South Florida so even in the fall it is still summer for us. I’m still rocking my boots, leggings and long sleeve shirts. Comfy yet adorable.

One thing that is currently bothering me
I am happy with my life, but I wish I was doing more. I’m bothered that I still haven’t finished school and That I’m still getting paid as little as I am. I’m bothered that I haven’t traveled once this year and I am bothered that I feel I am in a little bit of a rut. I am extremely happy with my family and my boyfriend and my health. But I am a little bothered by all that other stuff.


  1. I tried to get into Once Upon A Time and I just caaaaaaaaaaaaan't!!! And I love this idea! I am gonna do it now!

    1. How can you not get into Once Upon a time?!!! Greatest show ever!!

  2. I love this post idea! I'm so glad you started following me on bloglovin' so I could find and start following you! (But not in a creepy way of course). I too love Hobby Lobby and after getting my first Ipsy bag, you must resubscribe! So fun getting that pink package in the mail :)


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