25 August 2015

Life Update.

Hi!! Where the hell have I been?! Busy. Busy. Busy. Busy. Busy. With work and life in general. Can my boyfriend be an excuse? Yes, I will blame this cutie for clouding up my brain with all this lovey dovey stuff lol.

The last time I wrote on here I introduced you to my him. Chaz. Ist't he yummy?! Yesss, Chaz and I are still together (heart eyes emoji) On September 4th it will be 7 months! How wild is that? In such a short amount of time I've fallen in love with an amazing confident driven man and met that person that I would love to spend the rest of forever with. I am so happy and so excited to see where the future will take us. Now that doesn't go without saying that our relationship hasn't been a delicious always perfect box of  Misha Cupcakes (the greatest cupcakes of life). It's more like 2 out of the 12 cupcakes had the frosting smudged but they're still delicious. No relationship is perfect, and hell if it was always easy it would be so boring. But we've stuck it out and it it just keeps getting better and better.

Lets see.. what else is new? Oh I turned 24. We went to Blizzard Beach and Wet and Wild with my sisters and some friends. On the day of, I celebrated at Passions Night Club at the Hard Rock! Wait for that throwback Thursday post soon!

I am now blonde. No longer a brunette. I think I'm keeping it for a while.

My bestfriends baby is going to be 7 months in two days. It's unbelievable. I remember when I went to go see baby Ari at the hospital. I bawled like i was the one that gave birth to her. She was absolutely perfect and gets more and more beautiful by the minute. I still have to do a recap post on her. She is the most beautiful baby in the world and I'm not just being biased because she is my niece. 

On a more serious note, About 2 months ago, On July 12, 2015 a very important person from my past, passed away. My first boyfriend, my first love. He was murdered in a road rage altercation. They are still investigating. He was only 24 years old and had a baby on the way. It had been 9 years since we were together, but we remained friends and he always had a special place in my heart. His name was Josue Galban. I will cherish our relationship and our memories for the rest of my life. Heaven gained a new angel. The picture below was taken in 2007 so long ago.

And now on a much happier note, life is pretty awesome right now. I'm as happy as I have ever been. I've got the man i've always wanted by my side. I started school again. Work is going pretty good right now too. I have friends and family surrounding me with constant love, and everyone I care for is healthy, alive and doing well. Life is good and I plan on keeping it that way. 

To keep fully updated you can always follow me on instagram or twitter. Keep checking back for more frequent posts. I promise they'll be more frequent this time lol.

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