04 February 2016


Happy One Year Anniversary
to the love of my life ♥
Three Hundred and Sixty five days and then some, of you love, laughter, and fun.
Three Hundred and Sixty five days and then some, of your honestly, respect, and admiration.
365+ days of Random Dance Parties, Hundreds and hundreds of Pizza Slices, 
10+ Cherry Smash Dates and 15+ Kilwins Chocolate Covered Strawberries & ice cream. 
Thousands of Netflix Nights, Twenty Casino Nights, and Fifty Two Weekends.
Over 100 Johnny Walker Bottles, Over 100 Caprese Salads, and 80+ Candies
Billions of Kisses. Thousands of Sleepovers.
Two Vacations involving Orlando, Mexico, and Keywest.
One Sea Turtle Adventure.
Over 10 Traditional Saturday Fight Nights.
Trillions of I love yous.
and One Anniversary.


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