10 November 2015

Carnival Victory Cruise Recap

Yes. . . Unfortunately for me, I am back from my five day mini vacation. Five Days just aren't enough. Before I go into full on Posts about each and every day, and go on heavy duty picture posting mode, I thought I should just do a little recap in case you don't want to be bored with thousands of pictures of my boyfriend and how cute I think he is or of me and my very frequent duck faces.

Day One - Leaving Miami Port & Cruise Day.

We went on the Cruise for my little sisters 20th birthday. It was just a group of four of us. My sister Kassandra, her boyfriend Leo, my boyfriend Chaz and I. The first day on the ship was a mix of relaxation and trying to get everything on the boat all in one take. There is so much to see and do that it can get pretty overwhelming. We pretty much explored the boat until we were leaving port. We waved goodbye to Miami and to all the jealous people in South Beach watching as our ship set assail. We got ready for Dinner and had some fancy food. It was delicious. At night we explored the boat some more. Every night on the ship they had an adult comedy show. The comedians were hilarious. Before we knocked out we drank and drank some more and ate pizza at 2 in the morning.

Day Two - Key West, Florida.

We don't live very far from The Florida Keys so this was not our first trip their. We didn't stay to long on land. We did a little exploring, some shopping and lot's of drinking at Sloppy Joe's and Hogs Breath Saloon. If you ever do get the privaledge to visit this perfect little beach town you need to have a drink at these two famous bars.

After a few hours on land we went back to the boat. We lounged by the pool, had some more pizza, and ate even more at the lunch buffet. We also watched The Harriest Chest Contest and drank some margaritas. Chaz and I also went to go play some bingo. We lost ):

At night it was Captains Night. Everyone dresses in their prettiest fanciest attire and act like models. We took professional photos and I wanted to buy them all. I only bought three of them. Imagine if I would have bought every single one though. I would have spent a good $600 on pictures alone. Yeah, they were really pricey. After our fancy photos and our fancy dinner we changed into much more comfortable clothes and went to the club. Danced for a while, went back to our room, drank some more, and went and got pizza. Pizza usually ended our nights.
Day Three - Cozumel, Mexico.
Mexico, to me, was honestly the best day we had on our whole vacation. We ended up purchasing a Dune Buggy & Snorkeling excursion. I seriously regret not taking my Go Pro for the snorkeling adventure. The view was crazy amazing. I've seen some very blue water in the Bahamas, in Jamaica, and in other cities of the Caribbean, but it was such a perfect blue teal. It was beautiful. The excursion also included a real Mexican Buffet. You can tell it was so fresh and authentic Mexican food. None of that Taco Bell crap. It was delicious. After the excursion we went to Fat Tuesdays and got pretty wasted there. That was a blast. Once back on the Boat we skipped on the fancy dinner and ordered room service and got more pizza. I'm telling you I was in Pizza Heaven this weekend. On the ship they also had movie nights. That night Chaz and I saw Jurassic World in the Jacuzzi. It was awesome. We also went to go see another comedy show.

Day Four - Day Out at Sea.

Sea Days are my favorite parts of cruises. It's the day of full on enjoying the boat. No need to rush or over plan to be able to do so much in a short amount of time. We didn't wake up until 11. Early enough to not miss breakfast, but late enough that we weren't half asleep in the morning. We laid out in the sun and got our tans on. We also went on the waterslide they have on the ship. It was a pretty perfect day.
In the afternoon, Chaz played some more Bingo. He lost again. After the bingo game, we watched a comedy show called Love & Marriage. Basically like the Newly Wed game but different time frames of marriages, from just married to married over 40 years. It was one of the funniest shows I have ever seen.

At night, it was fancy dinner time and comedy shows again. By this point we are beat and want nothing to do with staying up late. So we watched the comedy show and a pretty awesome Magic Show. We didn't stay up much later after that.
Day Five - Vacation is Over ):
The fifth day isn't really a 5th day. It's really just a morning. You're still able to get breakfast and take your sweet time getting off the boat. My dad picked us up from the port and we went home and knocked out. I barely took a 10 minute nap, but Chaz slept over 8 hours. He went to sleep around 11 am and didn't wake up until 8 at night. You know it was an awesome vacation, when you need a vacation from your vacation.
Stay tuned for upcoming post on each and every day.


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