07 May 2013

Birfffdayyy Weekend!!

My birthday is tomorrow guys and I am soooo flippin' excited. 
I'm turning 22. I know, I know... I'm still a itty bitty baby! 
After your Twenty-first though, not much more big birthdays to celebrate, 
but I just love when it's my birthday. Honestly, who doesn't? 
Well this weekend I celebrated it. Cinco de drinko style. 
Ohh man did I have a blast. At least what I remember of it. 
Lets just say, tequila was my best friend this weekend (;
I was so tired yesterday from this past crazy weekend that I took it off from work.
I could barely get up in the morning. Hangoverrr status.
I have never had so much fun in any of my birthdays like the way I did this past weekend.
& Tomorrow for my actual birthday we're going to a local bar to watch 
The Heat game & then it's ladies night... uhm $1.00 drinks anyone?!
Ever heard of Moose Juice? Killer drink. Literally, puts you on the floor. woohoo!
So more birthday festivities to come! Yaaay.
& Now on with some of the pictures.
Please don't judge me (;

Can't wait till tomorrow! Happy Birthday to me ♥

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  1. Jealous!!! Looks like you had so much fun..


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