17 May 2013

Friday Letters

Happy Fridayyy! Dear Single life, you are taking a toll on me. I am so tired. Going out 5 days out of the week isn't as easy as I thought it would be -.- // Dear new boy, you're cute (; // Dear Cruise, only 126 days till a nice long weekend vacation! // Dear Work, I hateee your customers. // Dear Blog brain, I need new blog ideas. Helppp. I'm going on a blank here. // Dear Movies, I haven't gone to you in so long. I feel like I am loosing a part of me. // Dear Positive life, You are working out so well for me. // Dear MacBook Pro laptop that I have been wanting forever, I have been wanting you forever. // Dear eyes, stop being so heavy and closing on me. Thank youuu. // Dear anything else I left out, I hope you have an amazing weekend ♥


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  1. Going out 5 days a week?! You're a rockstar!! ;) Take some time to relax too--- where will you be cruising too??


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