02 May 2013

It's Ok... My birthdays in 6 days!

Happy Thursday Everyoneee,

I've never done "It's ok Thursday" so I thought it would be fun, 
especially with all the super drama going on in my life right now lol...

It's ok... Life is a beautiful thing.

It's ok... Because On Wednesday, May 8th, It's my birthdayyy! 22 baby ♥

Its Ok... That I am stuck at work, because tomorrow is Friday and my party is Saturday!

It's ok... That I am hungry. I'm gonna look amazing in my bathing suit this weekend.

It's ok... That I lost all my friends to the exmannn. They deserve each other anyways, and we were obviously never real friends to begin with.
It's ok... That Duck Dynasty is over, At least we still have re runs! Season 4, where are you at?!

It's ok... because I am happy and My blog is amazing ♥

Its Ok Thursdays


  1. fuck the haters. if they're no longer "friends" with you then they were never really your friends.

    1. Exactly! They were never my friends to begin with if this is they way it ended... Plus you are way cooler than them! Lovee you babeee ♥

  2. I am ready for the next season of DD too! Love them! Happy early birthday...mine is in 7 days, although I wish I was only turning 22!! Haha!

    1. Ahhhh our birthdays are right back to back! How awesome! Happy Birthday hun ♥

  3. Umm! I love your blog! It is awesome! :) Happy Early Birthday! Rock the bathing suit this weekend.


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