03 May 2013

Friday Letters...

Happy Friday everyone, I am so excited to be doing these again. This was honestly one of my favorite parts of the week! Dear Birthday in 5 days, yaaaay! // Dear Friday, Thank you for finally coming. Took you long enough -.- // Dear Dad, I'm sorry your dad passed away today. Yeah he's my grandpa, but I wasn't close with him at all. I am more sad for you. Love you papi.. Everything will be ok. // Dear people I hung out with yesterday, ohh man I had so much fun. Yuhp, I did drink 7 glasses of beer but sooo what. I needed it. // Dear everyone else, I hope you guys have an amazing weekend ♥


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  1. Happy almost birthday!!
    Sorry to hear about your grandpa.
    Have an amazing weekend!
    Stopping by from Friday's Letters ♥


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