23 February 2016

Disney 2016 Highlights ♥

This past weekend Chaz and I went to Disney world with a group of friends. We celebrated three birthdays and yes we are all way over the age of the average Disney goer but who cares. It was a blast!! We didn't stay the whole day though. We were so tired after a while. It definitely made me realize how much older we are than we thought. We rode the ferry instead of the monorail. I've never been on it. I always ride the monorail. It takes a little bit longer to get to the park but the lines were a lot shorter than the line for the monorail.

Chaz, Me, Kristen, and Ally (One of the Birthday Girls)

We arrived at the park around the same time it opened. It was pretty filled with people, but nothing that wasn't manageable. We immediately went to go take pictures in front of the castle. My friends Kayla and David (The birthday Boy) are annual pass holders, so they get to take as many pictures as they want and get them for free. You know we took advantage!

Want to know the best part of the trip?! If you read my last Wednesday Confessionals, I mentioned that Chaz was not going with me to the park. He's a Grinch when it comes to Disney parks. He hates them. Which is understandable for the most parts. The long lines, the amount of money you have to spend etc etc. Buuuuut... we were able to convince him to go and.... HE DID! You have no idea how happy that made me ♥

First thing we did after taking pictures was go on Space Mountain. If you've never ridden it, you have to. It's a pitch black roller coaster, that has a lot of different carts going at the same time. It's really thrilling. It goes fast and there are a few little dips and drops. I rode with Georgia. Chaz stayed behind with Matt and baby Dawson.

After space mountain we went to a little café and we all got some food. The good thing about Disney is you can bring your own food. We all made sandwiches and brought snacks so we didn't spend much money on stuff to eat.

We rode one of my favorite rides in the whole park. The littler Mermaid. Yes, Chaz rode it too. The line was pretty long but it was so much fun. You can obviously see the excitement in Chaz's face lol!

After the little mermaid it was almost time for the parade. Half the group went to find a spot, the other half went on another ride while we were waiting. Chaz fell asleep before the parade and stayed asleep during lol.

I tried to take better pictures of the parade but the sun was right in my eyes and the lighting was terrible. Sorry!! They had all the princesses, and Malifacent was a fire breathing dragon. It was awesome. Oh and obviously Minnie, Mickey, Goofy, Pluto, Donald and Daisy were there.

After the parade, we were all really pooped. We hadn't done much but we had been there since 9am. It was already almost 4 and the sun was scorching hot!! We did some final shopping. I got my yummy deserts and we kissed Disney goodbye!

Until next time Disney ♥

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  1. Looks like SO much fun that you all had. & I love that everyone was wearing their Disney attire. We'll be going to Universal for Spring Break & I'm SO tempted to buy a pair of Harry Potter sweatpants for that day. Tee hee! :)


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