16 December 2013

A very much needed overdue Update!

Where do I begin?! 

It's been about four long months since I have been to blogland. My life has just been one crazy hectic emotional ride lately. I have so much to talk about, and when I finally do decide to come on here and write all my non important jumble, I get over whelmed and give up. But not today! I am sticking through it. I am really rusty so bare with me people. 

Last time I came on here, I complained about boys. That hasn't changed much. If only it has gotten that much more puzzling. There is this boy, and all I am going to say is It's complicated and I have fallen hard for him. Taking it one day at a time I guess. I'll give you a full update on that when I finally figure out what that is exactly -.- Why must the opposite sex be such a mystery?! Anyways, I guess I'll show you a picture because it's only fair. Plus my body looks amazing!

What else?! hmmm. Oh I started the gym. I lost 10 pounds. I am stuck at 110 now though. Trying to lose the other 10 pounds (yes I want to weigh 100 lbs) is going to be close to impossible, but I love me a challenge (; Oh also I have become a gym selfie whore. But then again who isn't!!

...... & now I've drawn a blank. -.- I think I may be the worst blogger ever. Hey, I said bare with me. I miss blogging so much but I'm not very motivated. Not just blogging though. In fact, lately it's been with everything. I need to find a passion. I should start taking my photography to the next level. I don't know.. Maybe I'll do that. I'm figuring out myself one day at a time. I promise I'll try my hardest not to disappear again, and to have something so much better to engage you in next time. 

In the meantime, if you're really interested in following my boring life, I am always on instagram and twitter so go check me out there. @theyesidiaries

Happy Holidays everyone ♥

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  1. you look great ! I hope to lose a few pounds after the Christmas holidays !
    Jenn xo


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