15 December 2015

Where has all the Planner Peace gone?!

So ladies, the end of 2015 is coming to an end and the new year is coming fast. It's time to stock up on a 2016 planner and I am at a crossroads.
I've pretty much given up on Erin Condren. I love the life planner, but until they come up with smaller sizes I don't see myself purchasing another. I love the size and the amount of space, but I am left with many blank spaces and a painful shoulder from carrying it my purse all day. On top of the fact that my past ordering experiences with Erin Condren have not been smooth. The first time I ordered they didn't send me a few of the products that I paid for. (I still have yet to receive them and they still have yet to respond to my customer service email) and the 2nd time I ordered a life planner, I paid for super fast delivery, It still took them 3 weeks to send it to me. I understand that it takes a while to personalize and get the planners ready but if I pay an extra $30 to recieve it quicker, I expect to get it quicker. Not the same amount of time as no priority. Don't get me wrong, I would always reccomend Erin Condren because I still love all her products, but It's just not for me anymore. So goodbye Erin Condren.
Now I'm stuck with no planner.
Or so I thought. At least up until a week ago.
Last month a good friend of mine who is another planner groupie was raving about the Kate Spade Wellesley Planners. She mentioned it to me but I was so wrapped up with Erin that I didn't think a second thought about it. Last week she posted up an instagram photo of her rose gold one and I immediately got hooked. I remember she told me that her husband bought her a color of each, so i slightly mentioned to her that I wanted one! I was two late. She sold the black one 2 weeks before. So now I am on the hunt for my Kate Spade Wellesley.
The only place to find them is by buying them online from a second party, either from ebay, amazon, or the facebook groups. You can not find them at the Kate Spade stores or outlet (unless you are the luckiest person alive) and you can not find them on her website. I just don't understand. With how high in demand these Zipper planners are, you think Kate Spade would always keep them stocked and easy to purchase just like her regular agendas.
On the sad side, people are selling them at ridiculous amounts. A beautiful Red Wellesley is going for $500 on ebay. I've even seen them up to $1000. I love planners and I am a planner addict as much as the next lady, but no way in my right or wrong mind would I ever cough up that much cash for a planner. No matter how absolutely perfect it is. 
So I'm waiting for after christmas to see if the ebay prices go down as well as crossing my finger that someone loves me enough to spend that ridiculous amount of money on me.
I have already done as much obsessing and as much research as any normal planner girl should do on any planner. The minute I buy my planner, I am buying all the cute little inserts and planner goodies my little heart desires. Etsy is going to love me by the time they take all my money!!
I hope I know that once I have this planner I will finally be at planner peace mode.
I need it to be.
Happy Holidays ♥


  1. $500 for a planner?! that is insane. i do like that planner though, the zipper is definitely nifty. i hope you find one for much much less! i have a plum paper planner and i love it!

    1. I know it's crazy. It sucks because the are so pretty, but Kate Spade only makes them when she feels like it. I've heard amazing things about the Plum Paper Planner. Maybe I'll look into that one too. Happy Holidays ♥

  2. I felt the EXACT same way about Erin Condren planners! Way, way too big and mine didn't arrive until the end of January - not a great experience. Hope you're able to get your hands on a Wellesley!

    1. I know, just over Erin Condren and Thank you so much! I hope I do too. They are absolutely beautiful and I want one so bad!

      Happy Holidays pretty lady ♥


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