30 November 2015

I am Thankful For. . .

Thanksgiving. A day to give thanks, a day to spend with family and friends, and a day to be grateful for everything. A day to feel blessed for everything you have, and everything you don't. I am blessed to be surrounded by people who love me. I am grateful for this life that I have the opportunity to live. I am thankful, and grateful, and blessed. Even though I am a few days late, I still wanted to show you all what I am most thankful for ♥

Happy Thanksgiving 2015!!

I am thankful for my family.

Thank you for being my Tias, Tios, cousins, and every one in between.

I am thankful for my sisters.

Thank you sissys for everything that you do. Even though we fight like cats and dogs, you two are my bestfriends and I will always have your back, side, and front for the rest of forever.

I am thankful for my grandma.

I don't know what I would do without her. She cooks, and cleans and takes care of every one in the house. She is a queen. She shows me unconditional love with the usual old lady complaints that I can't live without. She also is an amazing reminder how strong a woman should be. She also reminds me of the love I have for my grandfather.

I am thankful for my parents.

Without them I would have never been born (; LOL. In all seriousness, they are always there for me. Through all the wonderful times, through all the heartbreaks, through everything. My parents are always there. They are my role models ♥

I am thankful for My aunt and uncle and little cousins.

Whenever we are bored, we always go over their house and stuff our faces with junkfood and have dance parties LOL. Love you!

I am thankful for my boyfriend.

Thank you for loving me. Thank you for all the pizza you feed me and the movie nights and cuddles and besitos and play wrestling and the lazy days and random dance parties we have weekly. Thank you for being my Dwayne Johnson (; LOL. I love you ♥

I am thankful for my boyfriends family.

Thank you for opening your arms to me and allowing me to be apart of your family.

I am thankful for my boyfriends friends.

Thank you all for becoming my friends ♥

I am thankful for my friends.

Stephanie ♥

Thank you Stephanie for being my person for the last 14 years.

Amanda ♥

Thank you Amanda for always being their and being more like a sister to me!! And the biggest thank you of all for bringing my beautiful neice into this world.

Osuni ♥

Thank you Osuni for always coming back to me no matter what.


Anyone else I left out, you know who you are. Thank you for all the good times, all the jokes, Softball Mondays, Little Hoolie Tuesdays, Round Up Fridays. Country concerts, sleepovers, tailgates, Halloween parties, ghettys and anything else I forgot to mention.

I am thankful for Pizza.

Thank you for letting me eat as much of you as I want and not getting me fat.

I am thankful for my job.

Even though I dislike you most days, you provide me with security and money.

I am thankful for Country Music.

Thank you for all the country songs you allow my little daisy duke shorts & boots to shake to.

I am thankful for the Ocean.

Thank you for letting me be a mermaid whenever I feel like it.

I am thankful for my health.

I am alive and healthy and I plan to have lots more Thanksgivings and days in between to be thankful for.

I am thankful that Christmas is amongst us.

I cant wait to get in the christmas spirit. I can't wait to watch Christmas Movies and have a Christmas Tree in the house. Thank you for Christmas music on the radio, and Christmas lights in every house.

I am thankful for netflix.

Thanks for keeping me company when I am going to sleep.

I am thankful for my faith.

Thanks to my religion for continuing to believe in me even though sometimes I have doubt about you. Thank you for giving me something powerful to look up to.

I am thankful for life in general.

Sometimes your life turns out nothing the way you planned or expected, but I know that I am exactly where I need to be. Thank you for this life I live and for everything in general. I am happy, healthy, and alive. My family and friends are happy, healthy, and alive.

It's a beautiful life!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone ♥

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