17 September 2015

A little throwback & a transformation.

I guess some things just never change. These are two of my closest friends Amanda & Osuni. They are honestly two of the coolest chicks and I am proud to say they are more like sisters. No one is perfect and we had a falling out a time or two, but we always end up coming back to each other. True friends right here!! The first two pictures were taken at Amandas boyfriends 21st Birthday back in 2012. The last two pictures were taken recently last weekend at Osuni's husbands 24th Birthday. Over a 3 year difference and we still take the same silly picture that we always do. Do you notice any transformations too? The hairs? The camera quality? Both these pictures are great memories that remind us of the awesome times we have and the even more awesome times we are going to continue to have!
I love these girls and a fun little throwback was due ♥

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