26 January 2016

Ari Turns One, Horse Races, & S'mores; Weekending!!

Have you ever had a weekend where it was non stop moving and doing things, but it was also really calm and relaxing?! That was definitely this past weekend. We did so much, but it wasn't anything overwhelming or crazy. I love weekends like that. I hope your weekend was just as fun as mine (:

On Friday 1.22.16 ♥, I went to Round Up. It's a Country bar that I use to go to religiously. Have I ever mentioned that I know most line dances? Anyways, Chaz was working and I've been in the mood for some Line Dancing so I went with some friends and it was a lot of fun. I haven't been there in months so needless to say that my dancing skills weren't as flawless as I remembered. I messed up so many times, but it was still a blast. 

Saturday, 1.23.2016 ♥

On Saturday we celebrated my baby nieces First Birthday. She is my bestfriend Amandas daughter. I wrote about her a year ago, and you can check that post out here . I can't believe she's already going to be a year old. Her actual birthday is Today! It's amazing to think that a year ago I was carrying this tiny little princess in my arms, and now she's running around with an evil laugh and the most gorgeous blue eyes you will ever see. 

Her birthday was wonderful. They threw it at a park and the day was beautiful. We were worried about the weather because it had been raining all week, but there was not one cloud in the sky and it was cold. Really cold. In the 50s. I know for most of you that's not much but for us it was freezing and beautiful. 

At night, Chaz slept over. We stayed in bed and watched Movies and UFC Fights all night. 

Sunday, 1.24.2016 ♥
Another beautiful cold day in Sunny South Florida. In the morning, my parents took my sister kassandra, her boyfriend Leo, and Chaz and I for some delicious Cuban Breakfast. We were so into our food that I didn't realize until we were back at home that I didn't take any pictures ): (I am a horrible blogger). 

After breakfast, Chaz and I didn't want to stay inside with the weather being so spectacular. We decided to go and spend the day at Gulf Stream Park. It's a nice outside Mall with many shops, restaurants, a Casino and horse races. If you're ever in town you should definitely check it out. It's a lot of fun. We gambled a bit on the races, lost some money than made some. My favorite part was when we got to take pictures and pet the horses. They are huge, and very intimidating. You can see it in my face in the picture above lol. 

After the horse Races we went over our friend Kayla and Davids house for some Yummy S'mores. It was freezing (again) and it was the perfect night for a mini bonfire. We all stuffed our faces and just hung out. It was fun. 

When we left we didn't feel like going home yet so we drove around. We found a nice little bench on a lake by Chaz's house but we weren't there for long. I was the idiot who wore sandals instead of boots, and we were freezing our buns off. It was a romantic 5 minutes. We ended up at Steak and shake and had burger and fries. We are such fat asses. Once we got back to the house we cuddles and watched Daddys home. It was a great ending to a fun filled relaxing weekend. 

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