29 September 2015

For the love of the game.

I am a huge baseball fan. Every Monday my guy friends get together and play in this softball tournament. It's not baseball, but it's close. Plus it's on a baseball field. I take as many pictures as I can. A lot of these may seem the same, but they were all taken on different days at different games. Enjoy ♥

Out of all of these the Black and White photo is my favorite...

There's just something about the smell of Baseball. There's something about the sound of a bat hitting a ball, or the sound of a ball coming in contact with the glove. There's just something about the players talking smack to the other team "YOU PLAY BALL LIKE A GIRL" (Sandlot is my favorite movie). There's just something about Americas Sport. There's just something about Baseball


  1. The only thing I liked about baseball was the hotdogs. And now that I'm vegan... well... you know the rest ;)

    1. LMAO! Well that's because you haven't come to a Marlins game with me!! So you're more of a football girl?


Thanks for your response!