14 September 2015

That time my boyfriend decided to change his face.

Oh yeah, that time was this past weekend!! I have been with Chaz for a little over 7 months. All these 7 months he has had a full beard. Full grizzly, don't care if I look like a giant scruff ball, I keep it this way because my girlfriend loves it type of beard. No lie, that was one of the things that attracted me to him the most at first. He looked like a manly man with a full beard. Scruffy, and all Man!! He knew how much I liked it so he kept it up.
See the scruff?! I love the scruff.
Then this past Friday out of absolutely no where he decides its time for a change. An extreme change. He sends me a 2 second snap of half his face with only a goatee. I immediately face time him and all he could do is giggle at me when he sees my wide eyed shocked face. WOW. That was definitely a change. He was still adorable and still a Man (obviously) but it was something so different!! It took me all lunch break to get semi use to it and wrap my head around it. A few hours later and I get another message from him of his face fully shaved. Holy babies ass. No, in fact smoother than a babies ass. No facial hair on my boyfriends face whatsoever. Nothing. Nada. He looked so weird, so different, and so absolutely.... Adorable. Leave it to my sexy silly boyfriend to be impulsive and wake up one morning and randomly be like "hey I want to change my face"!

His face is Bald lol
Doesn't he look so different?! So amazing well groomed and good looking and different. In the top picture he looks just like his dad. In a creepy scary good way I guess. We were together all weekend and sometimes his baby face would appear and other times he would look manlier. I guess because now he has a pronounced but chin. Crazy because I didn't even know he had one.

This past weekend at a club in Miami with my smooth baby faced boyfriend
He still looks just as cute and sexy bald faced as he did with hair ON his face. I do prefer the beard though and I am excited to see the scruff grow back. It is just hair and his facial hair grows rather quickly. Needless to say, I think he missed the beard a lot this weekend and he may be more excited for it to grow back than I am. Still he is pretty good looking if I do say so myself (;

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