29 January 2016

What a Wonderful Life; 100th Post!!!

100th Post!!!
It only took me three years to get here lol. I didn't want to make this post just pass me by and have no meaning like I did with my previous blogs (have been deleted). I thought for this post, I would share with you all how wonderful my life actually is.
Remember when I said 2016 was going to be THE year?
Well, so far so good amazing! Let me explain why...
♥ I am so happy and so in love with my amazing boyfriend, Chaz. We make a year next week on the 4th. How crazy!
Purple Flurple
Amanda & Osuni ♥
Noel, Kayla, Ozcan, Kristen, Matt, Ally, David, Georgia, Angie, & Chaz ♥ (Missing Skylar)
♥ I have the most amazing friends in the entire universe!
♥ I'm going to Disney next month.
♥ My family is happy, healthy, and alive.
♥ I am happy, healthy, and alive.
♥ My blog is moving along in the blog world perfectly!
♥ I'm 123456745 more planner obsessed (:
♥ Life is absolutely wonderful.
Happy 100th Post to me and many more to come!

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