12 January 2016

Planner Questionnaire 2016!

Happy Twenty Sixteen!!
I can not believe it's a new year, and I can not believe that we are already halfway through January! 2015 was a wild ride, and I can't wait to see what 2016 has in store for me. 2015 was also a great planner year. It was such an awesome planner year, that I thought I would start Twenty-Sixteen with a Planner questionnaire. I borrowed these questions from Ally from filoally.net. I just found her blog and I am obsessed. Definitely go and check her out. She has the best planner advice and adorable instagram photos. If you're a fellow planner addict like moi, join in on the questionnaire fun!!
1. What made you want to start using a planner, and how do you maintain it?
I have been using planners ever since I can remember. Back in Elementary school and middle school, they would give you agendas and I use to fill them out completely. Much hasn't changed since then. I try to plan and decorate days in advance, but that usually never happens. I don't really like jotting down things weeks in advance unless it is a for sure event or appointment that is going to happen. I also like to write down on sticky notes usually before I jot it down in my planner. This way when it comes time to decorate and organize, it's not already a hot mess, but a clean canvas!
2. When did you start decorating your planner & what Etsy shop did you purchase from first?
Even though I have used planners my whole life, the thought of decorating and making my planner pretty never even came to my mind. The beginning of March last year, I was on YouTube and all of a Sudden Belinda Selene appeared and my whole planner world had changed. I went from the only decoration on my planner being different colored pens, to having stickers and washi tape galore. My first Etsy shop purchase were stickers with Turtles Kissing from Owl Things Lovely. If you didn't know. I am obsessed with Sea Turtles and Turtles in general.

3. How do you have so many planners and keep up day by day? Do you take out the specific week your on and put it in another planner?
I actually don't. I use one planner for everything for one whole year. I would love to be able to handle different planners for different things, but I like just having one specific spot for everything. Plus I carry my baby with me everywhere and my Kate Spade Wellesley is my planner peace.
4. How long did it take you to find a planner that worked for you?
I have switched planners like I switch my panties. It took me up until Christmas 2015 to find my perfect planner. My Kate Spade Wellesley! Before that I had an Erin Condren, but it began getting huge and really bulky. Before that I had a beautiful Pocket size planner from Barnes and Nobles but that was to small. My Kate Spade Personal size planner is just right. I am in planner heaven. Well mostly. I'm still figuring it out, but I love it!

5. What would be your best advice for engaging your audience as far as planner photos? How can you stay so creative and inspired?
My planner following is still pretty low. This year, I'm going to go full force planner mode. I've been doing research and seeing all the beautiful planner photos on instagram and on blogs. I'm going to incorporate some of the ideas that I've seen in my future planner photos. MORE PINK!!

6. What are your favorite pens?
My favorite pens that I have always used are the Pentel RSVP pens. They come in a variety of colors and they write so smooth. They don't smudge and are perfect on any paper. My next conquest though are the adorable gempens. I'm definitely going to start my collection soon!
7. What size planner do you prefer? A5 or personal?
I've never used and A5. It seems big and that is why I left Erin Condren in the first place. I'll stick with my personal size planner.
8. How did you get into planning?
I wish I knew. No one in my family is into it as much as I am. My little sister loves Erin Condren, but she uses it just for school. She doesn't even decorate. I know GASP! lol. I guess I have always needed a writing outlet, and planning is almost like having a journal. I really got into planning last year after going on YouTube and seeing all the planner addict videos. I realized I wasn't alone in this world with my weirdness and my love for it became an obsession.
9. What does your desk and storage/organization look like, do you have a system at home to house everything?
I am in the process of deciding how I am going to organize all my planner goodies. Right now I have a drawer with all my planner stuff but it is pretty much at Max Capacity. My desk is currently my bed, and my system is a 3 ring binder filled to the brim with planner stuff. As soon as I come up with an organization style, I will let you know lol.
10. What does your filming setup look like when you do a plan-with-me video? Do you have a tripod? What camera do you use?
I haven't done a plan with me video just yet. I am still getting the hang of my new Kate Spade, and I want it to be close to perfect before I start showing it off. Which is exactly why It's taken me this long to even write a post. I am still waiting for many etsy purchases to come in. I do know that I will be using my NEX-5R Sony Camera, and I will mostly do it from a top view. I am excited and I can't wait to finally do one.
11. What are your all time fave inserts?
There are so many inserts to choose from. I eventually want to try as many inserts and Etsy planner shops as I can, but for right now, I am loving the SewMuchCrafting inserts. The paper quality is amazing and the writing doesn't seep through.
12. How did you get your hands on the kate spade Wellesley?
My boyfriend, Chaz bought it for me for Christmas. I believe he ordered it off from Ebay but I am not 100% sure.
13. What's your holy grail of planners? Which one do you find the easiest to utilize daily and integrate into daily life?
Kate Spade. Duh. I have tried so many other planners and this one just beats all the rest. It's the perfect size. Not to big and not to small. It comes with the zipper so everything is nicely tucked away. My favorite part is that it has 3 rings. This makes it easy to add things to my planner or remove them.
14. When it comes to daily life planning what do you put in?
When I mentioned everything, I meant everything. My planner is my bible. I use it as my wallet, I use it as my appointment book, my food tracker, my car maintenance chart. I jot down notes, to do lists, favorite websites, favorite songs, online orders, grocery lists, job schedule, passwords, etc. Anything and everything that can go in a planner, is exactly what I use it for.
15. Would you say that you have found Planner Peace?
Yes. I am still getting the hang of my Kate Spade and I am still trying to figure out what sections and inserts, and stuff that I need and that I don't need. But I love that I have that option. With previous planners, that was not the case. With my Kate Spade, I have finally found it!
16. What are you looking most forward to for the upcoming planner year?
All the planner goodies that I am receiving from Etsy with in the upcoming weeks. I ordered from at least 10 different shops. I am also looking forward to the amount of stuff I plan on buying and the countless hours that I will spend planning, and going to Hobby Lobby. Planner Year 2016 is not ready for me (:

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