19 January 2016

Three Things I Need to Change About Me.

We all have things about ourselves that we want to change, and things we want to work on. I have many things that I would like to improve about myself, but there are three very important things that I want to fix, and three rules that I want to remember at all times.

This past weekend, It came to my attention, that I have a potty mouth. I've always known that I curse every once in a while, but apparently I cuss like a sailor. There's nothing wrong with that, and if you have a potty mouth too, high five for being in the same club. But... I want out of that club. A bad word every now and then is ok, but I say balls. shit. fuck. without even knowing that it comes out of my mouth. I'm going to be a teacher soon and I can't be using those words in front of students. It's just not appropriate. It's not lady like or classy. (Yes, I'm all about the classiness now)
So, Rule 1. No more cursing. EVER!
I have this little teeny weenie problem that I know most girls have. I lack Confidence. I am insecure with myself 70% of the time. I want that to change. I can be confident, and sometimes even overly confident, but not as often as I would like. Confidence equals positive vibes and positive vibes are Key to be successful in life. Confidence means believing in yourself and knowing your self worth. There is nothing more sexier and attractive than that. I want to be in love with myself. Confidence will help you out in your job, in your relationships, and in your everyday life.
So, Rule #2 Start being Confident all the time!

This has never been an issue with me. There is nothing more of what I believe in, in this life than Love. Love is the surrounding core of this universe. Without love there is nothing. What I do need to work on is always loving. Continuously. Non stop. Never hating. Recently, I went through some things, that would alter a persons emotions towards love, but I didn't let it defer that in me. I want to always remember to love with everything I have no matter the cause and no matter the affect.
Rule #3 Always Love with everything you have.
What are three important things you would like to better yourself in?

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