20 October 2015

A.B.Cs of Me.

With all this new traffic and all these new faces I've been seeing on my blog, I'd thought I do a fun little about me post. I saw this idea over at Erins page a while ago and thought I would borrow it. You should join in on the about me fun ♥

A: Attached or Single? Attached by the hip with this cutie. . .

B: Best Friend? I have more than one. Stephanie, Amanda & Osuni. Two are married and the other has a 7 month old. Definite Role Models for Life Goals. I've known these girls forever, and they have stuck by me through everything. They are more like sisters. I have known Steph since kindergarten, Osuni since 6th grade, and Amanda since 2011. I don't know what I would do without them.


C: Cake or pie? Cake all day. I don’t think I have ever tasted a Pie. Have you seen my S'mores cake post? (a little advertisement wont hurt)

D: Day of choice? Sundays are made for lazy days! We literally try to stay in bed all day and order pizza from my favorite restaurant. Pizza Time!!

E: Essential item? Erin Condren Life Planner. It’s my bible.

F: Favorite color? Red. Like Raphael the red ninja turtle.

G: Gummy bears or worms? GUMMY ANYTHING! Ask anyone who knows me. Gummy is my candy of choice.

H: Hometown? Sunny South Florida. I live where you Vacation (:

I: Favorite indulgence? Caprese salad. (Tomatoes, Mozzerella, balsamic vinegar yumminess) Is it an indulgence if it is semi healthy?

J: January or July? July. Because of this Joke.

K: Kids? None at the moment & none for a while, but I would love many of them.

L: Life isn’t complete without? My side nigga NETFLIX.

M: Marriage date? Can you repeat the question? 

N: Number of brothers/sisters? Two sisters. Younger but taller.

O: Oranges or Apples? Can I pick both?

P: Phobias/Fears? Horror films. I can't even watch the movie HALLOWEEN. Yes, that low bugdget film creeps me out.

Q: Quotes? The best is yet to come – Frank Sinatra

R: Reasons to smile? I am healthy and I am alive.

S: Season of choice? Spring. It’s like summer but without the scorching burning "I’d rather be inside because I'm burning my but" sun.

T: Tag 5 People. I tag all you bitches. (lil john voice)

U: Unknown fact about me? I know pretty much every country line dance. I can rock Camo & boots as much as the next girl!


V: Vegetable? Are pickles a vegetable or fruit?

W: Worst habit? Picking at the skin around my nails when I’m nervous, anxious, angry, or bored.

X: Xray or Ultrasound? Uh…. Neither?

Y: Your favorite food? Pizzaaaaaaaa.

Z: Zodiac sign? Taurus. El toro. Feisty. Stubborn. Passionate. & everything that’s absolutely awesome!

Happy Tuesday ♥

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