14 October 2015

I confess.

I confess that I am going on a cruise in less than 23 days!!

I confess that I am beyond exited.

I confess that by November 5th (Cruise Day) you will be annoyed with all my cruise posts.

I confess that it is 9 am in the morning and my stomach is already grumbling for food. I am such a fat ass.

I confess that I was extremely surprised and really happy when Chaz came over and surprised me at 11:45 pm on Monday ♥

I confess that the surprise was perfect but would've been just a percentage better if he would've shown up with junk food, but I'm not complaining. Beggars can't be choosers.

I confess that it annoys me when bloggers don't have a follow me widget. Sure I can follow you by email, but i'd rather have have you on my actual blogger feed.

I confess that it also annoys me when bloggers don't acknowledge you back after you leave such a nice comment or you follow their blog. It's called nice blogger etiquette. -.-

I confess that this weekend is Octoberfest in Ft. Lauderdale and I plan on getting wasted on beer and fat on some German Food.

I confess that I have not seen one episode of Hawaii Five-O or Once upon a time because I am so wrapped up in the Greys Anatomy Seasons on Netflix. I am a terrible fan. They are all being DVRd at the moment, so at least I can always go back and watch them.

I confess that I look both ways when I cross one way streets.

I confess that I use to love going out every night of the week, but now I would rather just be lazy in bed with Netflix.

I confess that I have some cute Sticker ideas coming up for Freebie Fridays!

I confess that I am running out of things to confess about.

Happy Hump Day ♥

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  1. yes! Love your confessions! I am definitely guilty of taking ages to follow up on comments sometimes, but I always try to respond because I totally hate that feeling too. ♥ Thanks for linking up!

  2. I totally look both ways on one-way streets too...and I always check each direction like 15,000 times before I go!
    Hey by the way, I wanted to respond to your comment on my blog (I got the coloring book from Amazon :)) but you're a no-reply blogger! Here's how to fix: http://www.venustrappedinmars.com/2015/04/what-is-no-reply-blogger-and-how-to-fix.html

  3. Ohhhh Octoberfest is the best! Beer and German food...yes and yes!!! I love Grey's!!!! I am so glad that all of my fall shows are back on. And I would much rather stay in and Netflix than go out.

  4. SO much goodness in here. Netflix > going out lately for sure. Also, just out of curiosity, which feed do you use to follow blogs? Bloglovin? I'm so jealous of your cruise!!! Also I second Alyssa's comment. That pesky no-reply button is such a bummer. xo



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