13 October 2015

15 Reasons why being short is actually better.

1. You'll always look younger than your actual age. I'll look like i'm 18 when I'm in my 30s.

2. You can be lazy and let tall people reach stuff for you.

3. Finding your way through a packed crowd is easy because you fit between anything and anyone.

4. If you're single you have a multitude of men to choose from. You can date short or tall guys! Tall girls can only date tall dudes.

5. You get drunk faster because your so short booze goes straight through you.

6. You always totally kick ass at limbo and always win!

7. Kids love you because they think you're on of them. You easily become bestfriends and they give you all their gummie snacks.

8. You can nap anywhere because you fit anywhere.

9. You're allowed to use taller people as shields from enemies and any factors (rain, sun, zombies coming towards you)

10. Taller people let you stand in front of them at concerts. While your tall friends are all the way in the back, you're holding Kenny Chesney's hand all the way in the front.

11. You don't have to do laundry as often as a tall person. Your clothes are so small you can fit a months load of laundry in one shot.

12. You can escape from awkward or uncomfortable group conversations and no one ever knows you're gone.

13. You're an amazing cuddler because you fit perfectly in everyone's arms.

14. Your feet never dangle over a bed and blankets are never not long enough.

15. Short people are actually better at just about everything in life. It's a fact.

In case you were wondering I am 4'10.



  1. This is too funny. I'm 5'6'' but now I'm kind of wishing I was a bit shorter!

  2. hahaa!! Thanks for stopping by! Being short is pretty awesome, but I'm sure there are perks tp being tall too! ♥

  3. That Full House picture takes me back!! And the one with the girl in the washing machine... hahaha!


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