12 October 2015

Country Concerts, Babies, and Cracking Bones Oh my.

I really didn't do much this weekend. I was very lazy. Stayed in bed and watched Netflix. I'm starting to realize that's how pretty much all my weekends are. Some of you might think, wow she is so boring, but I think, wow life is awesome lol. I did bake a cake. A S'mores cake at that. Ouu did I finally get your attention? You can check out that post here! But before you go and head on over to the S'mores-gasbored of delicious cakes (see what I did there), continue reading below. My week was more entertaining than my weekend.

I hung out with my best friend. My best friend Stephanie and I have girlfriend dates once a week. Which means we either go over each others house and play Sims or go out for dinner & drinks once a week. We've been doing this once a week every week for the last 3 months or so. It's heaven sent. Now that she's married, I don't get to see her as often and sleepovers are out of the question. So date nights with her are always treasured

Cale Dodds and Canaan Smith were at round up on Thursday. Yes, I was front row at a Canaan Smith Concert. He is the really cute scruffy looking country singer that sings "Love you like that".

Yes, him. He is so much cuter in person. I went with friends and I had a blast. I also got to see my favorite up and coming Country Singer. Cale Dodds. If you don't know who he is, ya'll need to check him out. He is great to look at, has such an awesome singing voice and did I mention he was really great to look at?

I wish I could remember what this group was called. I searched everywhere and I still can't remember their name. They were so good. I'll keep you updated once it comes to me because I know they will make it big. They were that talented.

I met Cale Dodds for the first time last year. He is a really great performer and his music is really good too. He took my go pro on stage last year, and this year he took my friends. She was so excited. He also gave her his guitar pick. She was in love at first sight!

(left) Last year / (right) This year

Canaan Smith was the headliner. He came up next! We were front row and it was awesome!

I didn't do anything Friday. Chaz worked late. I went over his house and we knocked out by 11pm. Saturday morning we woke up really early. We had a chiropractic appointment. Chaz gets adjusted all the time but it was my first time. I was freaking out because one wrong crack of the neck and I am caput. Dead. To my surprise it was very relaxing and kind of like a massage but not really. I would go again just because I felt so at ease after. It was a great feeling.
Remember the baby shower I went to a few weeks ago? Matt and Ally? Well Baby D came a little early. Born at 10lbs, he was a big baby preemie. But he is adorable. He was in the NNICU so I wasn't able to see him but we hung out at the hospital to keep the new mommy and daddy company. It ended up turning into a little get together because everyone came over. It was fun! Chaz as usual being his silly self started playing with the hospital bed, and snapchat.

At night we were craving slushies so we went to Sonics at like 12 am and drove around Boyton Beach. It was pretty romantic. Slushies, driving my the beach, seeing all the stars. It was pretty sweet.

and on Sunday I watched Netflix & I baked my delicious S'mores cake. See a pretty laid back weekend. Next weekend Chaz and I are going to October Fest. I am super excited for that!! I linked up with Biana
Happy Monday (:


  1. What a great weekend! That concert sounds amazing! And how lucky were you ladies to have front row? And Snapchat has been killing me with their new "filters", so hilarious! And a S'mores cake?! Yes please! Send some of that my way! :) <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. Thank you for stopping by (: It was a pretty nice week(end) ♥


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