07 December 2015

My Twenty Sixteen Planner Plan.

2016 is coming up quick and its time to start thinking about what I'm going to do about my planner for the upcoming year. I also need to start figuring out what I can do differently to better my planning experience. Yes, I plan on planning. Only true Planner Addicts do. Do not judge LOL. I have been an avid Planner/ Agenda user since I was a little girl. Every year I become more and more obsessed.
For 2016, I'm thinking about doing it a bit differently.
I have been with Erin Condren for years now. Out off all the planners out there, she is still my favorite pick. But the planners are so big. I love the size and bulkiness because of the amount of space, but I hate having to carry it around. It's starting to way down on my shoulders and I don't know how much more buldge my bag can take. Now that I am carrying a journal everywhere with me as well as my gigantic Nicholas Sparks novel, my bag is about to explode. Carrying my planner, is becoming less and less of an option.
This year I decided I am going to buy a different planner.
GASP! I know, but wait don't be alarmed.
I am still going to get the Life Planner, but I'm keeping it more as a look back journal. It will be more of a desk planner that will stay at home instead of being stuffed in my not big enough purse. I want to purchase an extra planner that I can carry around with me. Something little. A smaller one that I can use to just right appointments and reminders and things that I don't want to forget.
I'll probably just stop at the local Barnes and Noble and pick up a mini non expensive planner, but I am considering some online planner shopping.
If you're on the same boat as me, here are some Erin Condren alternatives.
Do you guys have any planner favorites that you can help a sister out with? Let me know ♥
I will keep you posted on the search for my 2016 Planner!
Happy Holidays (:

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