28 December 2015

What I got for Christmas 2015?

Happy Holidays everyone!! I hope everyone had a very cheerful holiday week and got everything they wanted for Christmas. Things have been a little complicated in my life lately, and not to get too personal or anything, but Christmas this year was not a great one. Let's just say I got everything materialistic that I wanted and the one thing I wanted most that has nothing to do with the wonderful world of materialistic things, I didn't get. At least not right away anyways. After yesterday evening though, things may begin to start looking up. So I am hopeful and I have faith that everything "complicated" in my life will turn out just fine. Fingers crossed ♥
Anyways, in an attempt to help myself realize that even with everything not so wonderful in my life I should still be thankful and feel blessed and to try to add joy and happiness in my life, I thought I would share with you all the great gifts I got from Santa this Christmas. I must have been a good girl, because he did really good this year.
First and foremost, If you have been following along on my blog or twitter you must have noticed my planner obsession. Then you must know the one thing I wanted most in the whole entire world. Then you must have noticed the beauty right smack in the middle of all my wonderful gifts.
Chaz bought it for me. He also bought me a Ninja Turtles Raphael (favorite ninja turtle) koozie, and my favorite Oreo cookies. Vanilla is so much better than the original.
My aunt and grandma gave me some $$$. Yes, I am rich now (;
My parents got me a Patriots Candle. The scent is called Island Nector. It smells like the beach and paradise.
They also got me the Elizabeth Arden Eye shadow kit and the Elizabeth Arden Lip Kit. The lip kit came with The Precious Petal Lip Gloss, two lipsticks in the colors Red Door and Breathless, as well as the Dual Ended Lip Pencil in Red Door Red/ Natural. (I plan on doing a beauty review on those colors soon).
My mom got me a Perfume, lotion and body wash from Tommy Hilfiger. Its called Dreaming. It smells heavenly. She also bought me a lotion and fragrance mist from Victoria Secret called Pure Seduction.
Oh and my parents also bought me a teeny tiny blue tooth speaker!! I am so excited about that. The coolest gift they got me this year is a Smart TV. I wasn't even expecting one nor did I ask for one, but I absolutely love it. I can now watch Netflix on TV instead of my little Ipad. YAY!
My aunt also got me some fuzzy slippers and a journal that says Don't Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle which is really cute. I will definitely be using it.
My sisters really did their best with gifts this year. Kasy got me a whole set of Naked 3 Eyeshadow brushes. Vanessa got me an awesome Saltlife Shirt. I can not wait to put the brushes to use and rock my American Saltlife shirt.
Oh and Vanessa's' Best friend Ashley bought me Bath and Body works Body Cream and perfume called Moonlight path.
I guess I was a good girl this year ♥
What did you all get for Christmas?

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