12 February 2016

Pipsticks Review // February 2016.

Last month I signed up for this awesome monthly subscription. If you're a planner nerd like me or ever a scrapbook junkie, this is the perfect subscription for you.

Do you love stickers?! I am obsessed with them.

Well that's what this subscription is. For under $15 a month you receive an envelope stuffed with sheets of stickers and a postcard or stationary here and there. You can choose between a $10 monthly subscription or the $15 one. I have the $15 subscription and I got my first pack last week. I thought I would share it with all you sticker lovers <3

They usually don't have themes but I'm guessing since it's the month of love they included a lot of heart stickers. I am so excited about that!!

Aren't these adorable? My favorites were the Candy Heart stickers.

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