29 February 2016

Saying goodbye to Plan with Yesii ♥

Bye Bye, Plan With Yesii

Yes, It's true! Plan With Yesii will be no more! Don't worry I'm not disappearing from the blogging world completely. There's no way I'm ever giving this love affair up. I will just be transferring over to a new blog.
With a domain name and everything!! I am so excited and I hope you guys will come, check out my new page and follow along!
Have you ever wanted to start something fresh, brand new and from scratch? Well that's exactly what is going on here. I loved this blog but it was all over the place. I wasn't organized and I didn't have a set plan going into it. I know, how does that make any sense for a planner addict life myself? But it makes perfect sense to me. When it came to this blog It just wasn't working for me anymore. I was getting so much traffic and new followers, but I wasn't happy with the content that I was showing off. I needed to make a change, get organized and start fresh.
& that's why Love, Yesi was born.

I can't wait for you guys to see the blog when it's fully finished. It's still under construction and I still have a few kinks to work out, but I am so happy with how it's coming along. You can still go and check it out. I will eventually be transferring my most popular posts to the new blog so don't fear, a lot of the content will still be available for your viewing pleasure lol.

I really do hope you join in and follow along. I would love to see all my bloggy besties in my new space <3

Click here to go check out my new blog!

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