03 November 2015

7 Wonders of South Florida.

Have you ever heard the saying "I live where you Vacation"? Well It's true. I do. I live in Florida. While most of you are stuck in cold snow covered cities, I am wearing shorts and flip flops to work. I was born and raised here in Florida and I love my state. There are so many awesome wonders about this beautiful place. It's hard to just pick just 7.  I thought I could share with you some of my favorite spots so If you're ever on my side of town you can check them out.
1. Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Tampa and 7 Mile Bridge, Marathon.

I know, I know, this should be two, but they are both bridges so I figure they fall in the same category. They Sunshine Skyway Bridge measures 430 feet high. It's so high that a Carnival cruise can go under it no problem. When you're at the tippy top, you feel like you can see everything. It might all be in my head, but once driving through tampa, it was so windy that It felt as if the bridge was moving side to side.

The 7 Mile Bridge is just a bridge, but once you're on it it feels never ending. It connects the islands of the keys. There is an older bridge right next to it that use to be the main bridge before they built the new one. They also have an annual 7 Mile Bridge Run. This year will be the 35th run. It's the only known run that is completely surrounded by water.
2. Disney Theme Parks, Universal & Islands, Sea World & Aquatica, Wet & Wild; Orlando.

Yeah, I'll be that basic chick. Yes, Orlando is definitely a wonder in Florida. You have all the best theme parks literally miles from eachother. Go ahead, pick your choosing. Adults & kids of all ages love coming here. Even with the way to much prices, coming at least once a year is a must. Especially if you live in Florida.
3. South Beach, Miami.

For me South Beach is just another place to go when you're bored at home and want to go to the beach. I can go anytime. Been there millions of times. For tourists though, it is a great hotspot. You have one of the most famous beaches in Florida. The water is amazing. Most of the time it's crystal clear and filled with pretty fishes. You also have some of the greatest restaurants, and night life that'll never let you sleep. If you're looking for some fun in the sun with delicious food and drinks, and then a night of partying, South Beach is the place for you.
4. The Humps, Homestead.

Yeah, that's me mudding at the Humps!
If you love mudding and riding ATVS this is the spot to do it at in South Florida. Miles and Miles of Land and dirt and mud. It's heaven. After mudding for hours they have a man made creek where you can go washup after an awesome ride.
5. Bush Gardens, Tampa.

My Favorite theme park in the entire world. If you like the feeling of free falling check out Sheikra. If you love going 60 miles per hour pretty much an entire ride for 3 minutes check out Cheetah Hunt! The two greatest rollercoasters ever made.
6. Key West.

Relaxing and laid back by day, crazy fun and wild by night. With waters as blue as you have ever seen them. Go out on the water for beautiful Sea Life or head into land for some Caribbean music and drinking. They have Duval Street. The heart of keywest with killer restaurants and bars during the day and fun nightlife at night.
7. Miami Marlins Stadium, Miami.
I am a huge Baseball Junkie. I use to watch the Marlins with my grandpa back when they were the Florida Marlins and played in the Football Stadium for the Miami Dolphins. The new stadium for the Marlins, is seriously one of the nicest stadiums I have been to. It has a retractable roof for Miami's bipolar weather. They also have the best stadium food I have ever had in my life. From latin food to Sea food to your everyday hotdog & peanuts. I would seriously just go for the food if I wasn't into baseball. It also has a glorious view of Downtown. Definitely a must visit if you're ever in town!
I hope you enjoyed the list and that you do go check these out if you ever are down here!!

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  1. My sister lives down in the keys, so I'm a frequent visitor down there! Have fun on your cruise!


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