16 November 2015

Beauty // Red Lipstick Review

Happy Monday I recently just started becoming obsessed with lipsticks. I have always been fond of them, but just last month it became more of an addiction. I plan on making my collection huge! I purchased my first Mac lipstick (Rebel) and I was hooked.
In the last month I went to 3 parties, on a 5 day cruise, and it was Halloween. Atleast 4 out of these 5 events I wanted to wear red lipstick. I hadn't purchased any in a while so I went scrimmaging through my makeup and I found 3 red lipsticks. I thought I should do a little review for some practice before I start hoarding on lipsticks and begin full on beauty reviews!

Yes, I am the weirdo who has been collecting makeup since she was 15 years old and only has 3 shades of red lipstick. I am such a fake lipstick lover ): I could've sworn I had more varieties of red shades, but I actually have more lighter neutral tones. When I was younger I wasn't very fond of dark lipsticks. Today though, the darker the better sexier!

1. NYX Cosmetics - Snow White

I actually wore this Red Shade this past weekend. Please excuse the horrible duck face but it's the only picture I took with the color. I may or may not have been on a nice little buzz LOL. Out of all three shades that I have, this one is definitely my favorite.

Pro: It's not extremely shiny, but it's not exactly matte. It's a perfect balance of both. Also, after wearing it for over 6 hours I only had to retouch my lips once.
Con: The Lipstick stays a tiny bit wet. It does not fully dry out. This annoyed me a bit because if I would touch my lip by accident, it would stain my finger. Which I understand, that happens with a lot of lipsticks but I would prefer it not to.

2. Elizabeth Arden - Cranberry Cream

To be honest, I think this one probably tops NYX with the shade of color and it being completely matte. It was a very close call but it came in second. For some very particular reasons.

Pro: Completely matte!
Con: I had to touch up my lips more than twice. By the end of the night it dried up my lips and you could see the cracks if my skin. To be fair though I had in on for over 8 hours. A huge con is that it's discontinued. I looked all over the internet for it and I don't know if I really trust buying it off Amazon. Good luck finding it.

3. The Color Worshop - (does not have a name on it)

The Color Workshop is a makeup brand that you can get at your local drugstore or Wal-Mart and Target. It's not that it is not a good lipstick brand or a good color because It is, but to me it's more on the cheaper side. Sometimes cheaper brands are always better than more expensive brands, but not in this case.
Pro: Complete Matte with a slight shimmer.
Con: The color was gone after 45 minutes and I had to continuously touch up my lips throught out the night. It is also a much lighter shade than the previous to reds. It's more on the pinkier side. 
What are some of your favorite lipstick brands and what red shade of lipstick would you recommend. I would love to hear your opinion.
Stay tuned for a what is in my Makeup Bag post!!

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