13 November 2015

Carnival Victory Day Three; Cozumel, Mexico.

Cozumel, Mexico!! I have never seen water so Navy Blue as I did in Mexico. I've seen crystal Clear water in the Bahamas, but never so blue. It was beautiful. We didn't have to wake up early this stop because we didn't port until 1pm, which was perfect because we got to sleep in and eat breakfast/ lunch lazily without feeling rushed. Straight after we finished eating, we booked the coolest excursion ever. We were at a mixed vote because half wanted to do something on land and the other half wanted to be in the water (ie MEEE). We ended up booking a Dune Buggy & Snorkeling excursion (with all you can eat Mexican Lunch Buffet). It was absolutely awesome!!


We jumped on the buggies for a 15 minute drive to this private beach/ mini resort called Playa Uvas. In Spanish that translates into Grape Beach. I don't know why it's called that so don't ask me. The water was again a gorgeous clear Blue and it was a little chilly but nothing you couldn't get use to the first 10 seconds of being in the water. There were so many little fishies and we saw a sting ray, a puffer fish and a giant sink hole that made the water turn a dirty brown in only one spot. It was so cool!! We went pretty far out to waters nearly 30 feet deep. The current was really strong so we weren't able to go to really far out or even deeper. Another feller excersioner (if that's what you call them) found a conch shell with a live animal inside. Chaz has really good vision and spotted a little baby crab and I was able to play with it for a while. I know I am such a child. I regret so bad not taking my go pro. I didn't want to haul it around and I figured I wasn't going to get any good shots. Boy was I wrong!! The picture down below of Chaz and I was right after we finished snorkeling. Notice the giant goggle marks around our eyes.

After Snorkeling we went to a free Mini Tequila Tour. We were able to get tipsy taste test different brands of Mexican Tequila. Some were very strong and some were delicious. Once we finished our tour and took some awesome Sea Turtle Back drop pictures (my favorite animal) we drove for about 30 minutes to another resort where we had our yummy Mexican Buffet.

Once we got to the beautiful private resort, we stuffed our faces with burritos, tacos, Mexican spaghetti, and other delicious Mexican dishes. We also had Coke that was in Spanish!! Don't worry we didn't drink any of the water LOL. We also had a tiny photo shoot on one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. I believe the little town was called Puerte Morelos, but I am not a hundred percent sure.

Chaz bought a Cuban Cigar and it was pretty tasty. I'm not a smoker at all, let alone cigars, but every once in a while I'll take a puff off of Chaz's just to do a little taste test. After our yummy feast it was time to head back to the ship. We drove through the city of Cozumel for another 30 minutes. It is such a culture shock. Honestly makes you appreciate everything we take for granted.

We got back to the port by night time. It was such a fun excursion and an awesome trip in Mexico. I definitely recommend it. The tour guides were awesome and very funny! We didn't want to head back to the cruise just yet. Leo wanted to buy some souvenirs for his family, so we all took the opportunity to buy little gifts for everyone. After a little bit of shopping we went to Fat Tuesdays, and did a little drinking. Ok, fine a lot of drinking (:

Once back on the ship, we forgo the fancy dinner and decided to join in on the late night Mexican Buffet that the cruise was doing. That was a lot of fun. They had different designs in the watermelon and ice sculptures. It was pretty bad ass. We didn't want the drinking to end so we went back to the room and drank some more. We went dancing for a little while but the music was no good that night. So we opted for some late night Mini Golf. Worse idea ever. When we tried to mini golf the first night, it was pretty hard, but this night was impossible. The wind kept moving the balls around and my hair was all over the place. We gave up trying after maybe about 10 minutes. We went to the Comedy club again. This time I was falling asleep. It had been a busy day. Guess what we did after the comedy show?! PIZZA! Nothing new lol ♥

By the time we were done with our pizza we were pooped. We went back to the room and just hung out and talked shit until we each knocked out one by one. Let's just say that Leo had a little but to much to drink and started putting on a show for us. It included wearing womens underwear but we're not going to get into that. Honestly this was the funnest night of the cruise!

Stay tuned for the next post from out trip "A Day at Sea"
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