04 November 2015

Confessions of an Excited Cruiser!!

I confess that I am extremly excited that at this exact time tomorrow I will be on a cruise!

I confess that I still haven't completly finished packed everything yet.

I confess that someone asked me if I was pregnant because I was glowing.

I confess that I am glowing because today is my Friday and I am GOING ON A FREAKING CRUISE TOMORROWWWW!!

I confess that I am absolutely in love with two of my outfits for the cruise.

I confess that I spent more money on shopping for this 5 day trip than any other vacation before.

I confess that I plan on perfecting my lipstick before tomorrow so I don't look like a hot mess.

I confess that I am taking Chaz's cruise virginity. He has never been on one.

I confess that we plan on sneaking in booze and hope it all goes through.

I confess that with all this booze we are sneaking in we plan on getting shwastedddd.

I confess that I am taking my go pro and plan on getting the sickest pictures imaginable.

I confess that I plan on doing so many cruise posts when I get back.


Oh and I confess that today Chaz and I have been together for 9 months ♥

Happy Hump Day (:


  1. So glad you found my blog/I found yours! I'm creeping through your past posts now and this one caught my eye because I'm obsessed with cruises =) Did you guys get all your alcohol? We've successfully snuck it on a few times now.. since I was like 17 I've been doing that haha

    1. Yes, thankfully we were able to sneak everything in. We sneaked so much liquor in that we ended up bringing 3 full rum runners back with liquor lol!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog ♥


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