02 November 2015

Wendy Peffercorn & Squintz; Halloween 2015.

I bet your costume wasn't as awesome as mine!
Who doesn't love The Sandlot?!
& who's favorite character wasn't Squints?!
If you answered "you" for one or both of these questions, then you are an L 7 Weenie.
Granted my costume wasn't exactly like Wendy's (hair down instead of a pony tail, headband instead of ribbon), but it was still a huge hit.
Chaz's shirt did help out for those who had no clue who we were.
He also switched into a scary pumpkin costume towards the end of the party.
Our Halloween was a blast. I hope yours was too!!
What was your costume for Halloween? 


  1. SUCH a fun costume, lady! One of my kickball teams was call SQUINTS and our shirts said 'I made out with Wendy Peffercorn' haha.

  2. Your costume was awesome! Although I would have froze here in that haha!

    1. Thank you! I had so much fun in the costume. It was a big hit. Hope your Halloween was fun ♥

  3. Fun pictures! I will comment back ­ http://www.oldefashionmom.com/


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