04 November 2015

Currently; November 4, 2015.

Reading - See Me by Nicholas Sparks

Anticipating- The next 5 days. If you didn't read my earlier post, I am going on a Cruise for 5 days tomorrow. I am so excited (:
Buying - Nothing. I spent all my money on Cruise stuff.
Praying -  That this weekend goes smoothly. That my emotions and feelings stay in check. That my grandma and sister are safe this weekend. That my parents have a blast. That the insurance issue gets solved. I pray for love, health, and happiness.

Listening - Cruise Music pumping myself up for this weekend!
Watching - Still watching Greys Anatomy. I am on Season 9 and Mousey just died ):
Devouring - What else other than the usual pizza?
Loving - As girly as it sounds, my boyfriend. I am definitely in one of those moods where I want to be smothered by love and kisses from him
Hating - My brain. With filling so much garbage in my head. Your mind is honestly your worst enemy.

Wanting - A bagillion dollars so most of my worries would just disappear.

Hoping - For an awesome, fun, romantic weekend.
Feeling - Excited and Happy!!

Wishing - The work day was over so I can finish packing and be off on my cruise (:

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  1. Lucky you - hope your cruise is fabulous! Thanks for linking up :)


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